The Banana Drink For Weight Loss


With the popularity of the Atkins
diet, some of us are tempted to substitute the banana drink for the
orange juice in the diet plan. For one thing, there’s nothing wrong with
the banana juice, but the banana drink for weight loss can be just as

The Banana Drink For Weight Loss

People have reported weight loss with many of the products marketed as
“diet”weight loss products.” Perhaps you’ve read a magazine article
about them. If so, you know that the claims often come from the
manufacturer’s advertising.

Potassium is vital to our health. To put it bluntly, if your kidneys are
working properly and your blood sodium levels are balanced, then the
diet product you’re trying to lose weight with is working.

Unfortunately, some companies depend on the claim that they can reduce
the amount of sodium in the dieter’s diet by substituting one “salt” for
another. When you take that route, it’s called “salt substitution,” and
it’s a risky business.

In truth, the diets that promise “potassium” for weight loss are no more
effective than those that are called “calcium diets.” The manufacturers
were trying to build a brand name. They’re making a profit from your
effort to lose weight and not necessarily improving your health.

Potassium deficiency is probably responsible for many of the problems
people have when they attempt to lose weight. Potassium deficiency is
associated with serious medical conditions including arthritis, kidney
stones, and heart disease.

So why take potassium supplements when we have plenty of the nutrient in
our diets? It’s true that potassium deficiency can produce a condition
called “hyperkalemia,” but don’t take it for granted.

I personally don’t take potassium supplements, so I’m familiar with its
adverse effects. If you don’t mind a small risk, then take the risk of
using the banana drink for weight loss.

The banana drink for weight loss contains a lot of fiber, which can be a
benefit if you’re trying to lose weight. It also has protein, which can
help with muscle building.

Now, I’ve heard many people swear by diet shakes for losing weight. I
don’t recommend them, but there’s no denying the fact that they taste

While the banana drink for weight loss is a healthy drink, the shakes do
have a bit of an added benefit: the high fructose corn syrup in the
shakes is likely to cause some people to gain weight. If you’re careful,
and drink only a little of the shake per day, you won’t be giving
yourself extra weight.

However, keep in mind that the orange juice is better for you. You
should be drinking it plain, because nothing tastes quite as good as


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