Five Kinds Of Tummies You Do Not Want And How To Get Rid Of Them


We all dream of a flat and firm
stomach. That’s why we expend a lot of time and energy to achieve it.
But the tragedy is that for most of us the tummy is the first place that
fat goes to, and the last place that it leaves. The basic requirements
are a healthy and balanced diet, regular and all-round exercise and a
stress-free life.

Five Kinds Of Tummies You Do Not Want And How To Get Rid Of Them

Medical terminology for belly fat is visceral fat – fat which grows
around the liver and other vital organs in the abdomen. Even if your
weight is normal as a whole, you may be at a risk from various health
issues if you do not get rid of your belly fat. Here are the 5 causes of
belly fat:

The Alcohol Belly

Alcohol in moderation might be all right, maybe even good for
your health. But consuming high quantities of alcohol can lead to a
host of health problems. It is difficult to quantify ‘high’ but there
are specific quantities as listed by health experts depending on the
alcohol content of the drink.
Belly fat may develop even for moderate but regular drinkers. It has
high-calorie content with negligible nutrients, which is all converted
to fat,targeting mainly the midsection. Alcohol also increases appetite
which over a long period contributes to belly fat. The best way to get
rid is to drastically reduce your alcohol intake over the long term.

Post Pregnancy Belly

Most mothers would love to lose that paunch after the birth
of a baby but it is easier said than done. Fat associated with pregnancy
is hard to lose and easy to gain when we are lax in our diet. The first
step post pregnancy to lose belly fat is to drastically cut down on the
intake of sugar and opt for natural foods that are protein-rich and
will also satiate your hunger for a longer period.

High intensity exercises that workout the whole body will boost your
metabolic rate and tone your muscles. Weight exercises also rapidly
change your body composition and strengthen the core part of your
body.It also alleviates post-pregnancy back pain and burns fat. However,
consult a doctor before going for it.

Belly Caused By Stress And Lack Of Sleep

Chronic stress is one of the primary causes of an increase in
belly fat. It increases food intake or, to be more correct, it
encourages binge eating at all the wrong times. Also, people who are
stressed out will overeat without being aware of it and the first
destination of this fat is the abdomen. Stress also inhibits your choice
of good food and makes you crave pleasurable foods.

Eat regularly and plan what you eat. Eat before you are famished to
avoid junk food and plan ahead to consume only healthy foods. Decrease
stress by deep breathing, exercise and meditation. Your sleeping hours
should be regular and avoid any electronic instruments that might
disrupt your sleep.

Hormones And Belly Fat

Hormonal imbalance is another key reason for weight gain.
Hormones control almost all aspects of weight loss including your
appetite, cravings, your metabolism, and also where you store your fat.
So, any hormonal imbalance will affect your efforts to get rid of your
belly fat.

Cut down on the sugar and increase your protein intake. Proteins that
are low in fat are the best options like low-fat cheese, chicken and
cottage cheese and foods rich in omega-3.

Bloated Belly

The immediate cause of bloating is consuming the wrong food.
High quantities of sugar dumped into the small intestine from the
stomach can cause bloating. A sudden increase in the intake of fiber may
cause bloating if consumed in large quantities.If you are lactose
intolerant, consuming whey or milk-protein concentrates causes bloating.
Avoid eating foods which you are intolerant to. Also, plan your diet
properly and add probiotics in it.

It is obvious that belly fat has a negative impact on your health. The
solutions are a combination of regular exercises and eating the right
food. So be aware and think healthy.


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