9 Simple & Best Exercises To Get Rid Of Ankles Fat


The fat around the ankles which
look very uncomfortable on most of the occasions. These can be painful,
may cause swelling and high discomfort in performing activities like
driving and cycling. This structure of legs can be due inherited
genetically, caused during pregnancy or appear when there is a lot of
water retention in the body. Here we enlisted some best exercises to get
rid of ankles fat.

9 Simple & Best Exercises To Get Rid Of Ankles Fat

Most of the time, over weightiness, cause ankles fat deposits in women.
So below, we explore some most effective exercises to get rid of ankles

Here are our 9 simple and best exercises to get rid of ankles fat. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Stair Calf Raises:

Stair Calf Raises improve the strength of ankle muscles and help reduce
fatty deposits here. These also strengthen the calf and chin muscles
adding to the overall strength of the legs. These can be done anywhere
as the need for equipment is very basic.

exercises for ankles fat
How To Do:

  • Stand on a step that is at least 5 inches off the ground, with your heels at the edge.
  • Now maintaining balance put all your body weight on the heels and
    bend it as low as you can till you feel the calf muscles stretch.
  • Hold in position for 10 seconds and get back to the initial position.
  • Now, shifting the bodyweight again, stand on your toes and get as high as you can.
  • Hold the posture for 10 seconds and get back to the initial position.

Repeat performance at least 20 times to have the ankles back in shape within a few weeks.

2. Ankle Rotation:

Ankle Rotation improves blood circulation and tones ankle muscles. It is
also beneficial for those who have joint problems. Ankle Rotations can
be done anywhere and needs no equipment. It is advisable not to stretch
the muscles after a comfortable level as it may be painful and ugly.

exercises to lose ankles fat

How To Do:

  • Sit on a sofa or a chair and keep the feet flat on the floor. Hands-on the armrest and back straight.
  • Lift one leg at least 8-10 inches off the floor, below knee level.
  • Now rotate the ankle clockwise, at low speed, stretching muscles from all sides.
  • Do this 10 times and then reverse the motions to the anti-clockwise pattern.
  • Switch legs and repeat.

Perform this fat ankle exercises 10 times, alternating legs after each rotation.

3. Ankle Toning – Using Exercise Ball:

Ankle Toning is one posture which makes exercise fun and easy. It can be
done while watching television or reading your favourite book. It helps
tone calf muscles and reduces ankle fat when done regularly.

exercises to reduce ankles fat
How To Do:

  • Lie flat on your back and bring both legs together, flat on the floor, knees bent.
  • Raise a foot and put the small exercise ball under it.
  • Now roll the ball towards the front wall using the foot. Glide along
    the foot till the time it is straight, and the ball reaches the upper
    region of the calf.
  • Now maintaining balance, glide the ball inwards and get back to a posture where the ball is below the leg.

Repeat the procedure at least 20 times for a leg before switching.

4. Legs Swinging:

One of the best ways to keep the lower body in shape and toned. Leg
swinging has its own benefits on the ankle and foot areas. It improves
flexibility and strengthens the foot, ankle and calf. Joint problems are
also taken care of by doing this simple exercise.

best exercises for ankles fat
How To Do:

  • Stand on the floor with a wall on the left side.
  • Press the left palm on the wall and the right hand on the waist.
  • Now shifting the body weight to the left foot, raise the right foot
    as high as you can at the front. Make sure the toes are pointed towards
    the wall at the front.
  • Now balance carefully and bring the foot backwards, such that the toes are pointed towards the wall behind you.
  • Without breaking the rhythm, swing forward again.

Forward and backwards combined make a full swing, do 20 full swings for each leg for effective results.

5. Support Squats:

These are a slight variant of regular squats, the additional benefit
being toning the ankle muscles. While performing regular squats, thighs
and calf take most of the body weight, but here, the weight shifts to
the ankles instead.

simple exercises for ankles fat
How To Do:

  • Stand upright with the back against the wall support, and feet parted at shoulder length.
  • Now inhale and squat, bending by the knee, keeping the back straight.
  • Stay in the position for 5 seconds and then gradually stand again.
  • Exhale deeply and repeat the squat.

For the beginners, hands can remain by the side for greater support,
with practice; you can fold the arms in front to increase the level of

6. Deep Lunges:

Lunges have several forms that target various parts of the lower body.
Here we shall make deep lunges that target calf and ankles and help get
rid of fat deposits from this area. Doing these fat ankles exercises
regularly will strengthen the feet and keep painful cramps at bay.

exercises to get rid of ankles fat
How To Do:

  • Stand with feet parted at shoulder length and hands at the waist.
  • Now, take a step forward, bending at the knee such that the leg at the back is stretched to the maximum.
  • Make sure the leg at front is footed to the floor and the one at the back is on the toes.
  • Hold the position for 5 seconds and get back to the initial posture.
  • Repeat with the other leg.

Deep lunges need to be done in sets of 10, at least two such sets is mandatory.

7. Foot Touch – Lying Posture:

Foot touch in lying posture is beneficial for the calf and thighs. It
needs a lot of practice since there is a medium level of difficulty, but
is highly beneficial once you get the hang of it. Those with severe
back conditions should perform this exercise with a lot of care.

best exercises to get rid of ankles fat
How To Do:

  • Lie on a soft mat with hands straight above the head.
  • Now inhale and raise the legs perpendicular to the floor or as high as you can.
  • Bring the hands together in an attempt to touch the feet and in the process, bend the ankles to have the feet pointed downwards.
  • Raise the shoulders as much as possible. Hold in position for 5 seconds and relax to initial posture.

These exercises for fat ankles should be done at least 15 times in a day
to improve overall blood circulation and to tone the ankles.

8. Jogging or Running:

Jogging is an excellent cardio exercise which pumps the flow of blood.
It also helps maintain a strong and flexible ankle and prevents fatty
deposit accumulation. Jogging in the right posture is essential to have
the benefits on the feet and ankles. Here is how you can do it.

simple exercises to get rid of ankles fat
How To Do:

  • While jogging, the first contact of the foot should be at the ankle, and this is essential to maintain overall body balance.
  • Lift the feet at the back while jogging; the calf/shin should be perpendicular to the thigh and parallel to the floor.
  • Wear comfortable, flat-footed shoes when you jog. This reduces risks for muscle pain and cramps.
  • To increase the level of difficulty, tie weights to the ankles for better toning.

Jogging should be done as long as your body permits, increasing duration gradually.

9. Raised Leg Ankle Stretches:

It is sometimes important to regulate blood flow while performing an
exercise. This is beneficial in getting the desired outcome faster. This
exercise targets the cankles by reducing the blood flow in that portion
for the time being.

exercises to get rid of ankles fat 1

How To Do:

  • Lie flat on the back on a soft surface with legs bend at the knees and hands at the side.
  • Support your upper body at 60-degree angle with the arms.
  • Gently raise a foot, such that the calf is parallel to the floor and foot facing the wall at the front.
  • Now point the toes at the wall in front till you feel the stretching on the shin and calf muscles.
  • Hold the position for 5 seconds and release.
  • Repeat at least 10 times before switching legs.

This ankle slimming exercises should be done for at least two times for a
noticeable difference in the appearance and feel of the ankles.

All these exercises to slim ankles are useless unless backed up with a
healthy diet plan. For overweight people, a strict diet chart needs to
be followed to reduce weight at the same time so that these fats do not
reappear. Improve the diet and reduce intake of high salt, sugar,
processed foods and fast food to reduce cankles significantly.


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