7 Exercises That Will Help You Relieve Sciatica Pain in Just 15 Minutes


4 out of 10 people will experience sciatic pain in their lives. Sciatica
pain starts on the basis of spine and goes down to the thigh, calf
muscles and end of your foot. The pain isn’t always chronic but it can
be quite painful.

7 Exercises That Will Help You Relieve Sciatica Pain in Just 15 Minutes

Symptoms of Sciatica Pain:

  • Tingling, pinching, electric sensation.
  • Pain felt in any place of the sciatic nerve – calf, back of the thigh, lower back or/and buttock.
  • Numbness, fatigue or reduced feeling in the feet and/or legs.
  • Buckling of the knees when standing up.
  • The occurrence of foot drop. This is a condition in which you can’t
    walk on the heels because your ankles are not flexible enough.

If you want to soothe and reduce your sciatic pain at home in just 15
minutes, these specially designed exercises can really help you.

They’re based on yoga and can be performed by anyone.

Here are the 7 exercises that can help you relieve sciatica pain in just 15 minutes:

1. Erected Back Twist

Lift your foot on a chair. Put the opposite hand on the raised knee. The
other hand should be placed on the hip. Turn the upper body and keep
the hips in a straight direction. Stay in this position for about 30
seconds and then switch.

2. Knee Raise

Lie down on the floor and bring the knee towards your chest. The other
leg should remain straight. Use your hands to push and pull the knees
while your shoulders stay on the ground. Do this for 30 seconds, then
switch and repeat.

3. Two Knee Twist

Lie down and spread your hands like a capital T letter. Turn your knees
out to left and then right, while keeping the shoulders on the ground.
Stay in this position for about 60 seconds and then switch sides and

4. Single Knee Twist

Lie down on your back and leave one of your legs in a straight position
and bend one of the knees to a right angle. Put your hand on your bend
knee. Turn your head towards the other hand. Stay in this position for
60 seconds.

5. Twisted Lunge

Step with your left leg forward and bend it at the knee. Leave the other
leg behind your back. Keep your feet apart for about one leg’s length.
While turning the back, place the opposite elbow one the outside and
right above the bent knee. Keep the palms together. Remain in this
position for 30 seconds.

6. Seated Twist

Sit on the ground and keep the legs straight right in front of you. Bend
one leg over the other and place one of your hands flat on the ground
right behind you and place the opposite elbow on the outer side of the
bent knee. Slowly turn your face right behind you and stay with the legs
pointing straight forward for 60 seconds.

7. The Cat Pose

Stand on the ground using your knees and hand. Then, slowly bend the
back down and gently lift the chest. Hold this position for 10 seconds
while breathing deeply. Return to the first position and then slowly
raise your chest and face. Hold this position for about 10 seconds.
Perform this exercise for 2 minutes.


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