8 Easy Moves To Diminish Cellulite On Things


An important PSA for ya:
Cellulite is 100 percent normal—and there’s absolutely nothing wrong
with having it, loving it, or, yup, even wanting to get rid of it. It’s
your body, and your comfort. Here’s the thing though: If you aren’t a fan of your cellulite, you need to know that you can’t technically get
rid of it at home. No matter how many cellulite creams and exfoliating
scrubs you use on the daily, you can’t actually make your dimples
disappear without an in-office treatment with a dermatologist.

Cellulite forms when fat cells beneath your skin (which, BTW, everyone has,
regardless of what you eat or how frequently you exercise) push up
against your skin’s connective tissues, causing your skin to dimple or
pucker. And while you can’t fix that process with a topical cream or
lotion, you can temporarily smooth and tighten your skin with
the right ingredients. Ahead, I talked to two dermatologists to figure
out everything you can—and can’t—do when it comes to working with your
cellulite, starting with:

Can you actually get rid of cellulite?

but no—at least not at home.“Think of a button creating a pucker on a
couch cushion,” says dermatologist Mona Gohara, MD, associate clinical
professor at Yale. “To get rid of the pucker, you have to go deeper and
cut the cords.” And no, that cord-cutting can’t happen at home. That
said, there are a handful of tips and tricks that help lessen
the appearance of cellulite in the short term—and as long as you go into
the process with realistic expectations, they’re not a bad place to

Do me a favor, though, and pls remember again that
cellulite is super common and natural—like 93-percent-of-all-women
common, says Dendy Engelman, M.D., a cosmetic dermatologist in New York
City—and there’s no shame in wanting to keep or get rid of it.
But if you’re looking for ways to minimize the appearance of your
cellulite,keep reading for Dr. Gohara and Dr. Engelman’s tips,
including OTC creams, coffee scrubs, and more.

1.Use caffeine creams to minimize cellulite

Even though creams and lotions aren’t going to make your cellulite disappear overnight, they can help
temporary smooth and tighten your skin—especially if you pick a formula
that’s spiked with caffeine. “Caffeine causes the blood vessels to
constrict and the fat cells to temporarily shrink,” dermatologist Marnie
Nussbaum, MD, has told Cosmo.

This one from Dr. Brandt is loaded with caffeine and green coffee and is super easy to massage into your skin. And, hey, at the very least I’ll leave your skin softer and smoother.

2.Try QWO to minimize cellulite

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution to cellulite, you do have
some options when it comes to in-office treatments. This new treatment
called QWO is the only FDA-approved injectable that targets dimpling in
the buttocks—and it legit works. Your derm will set up a specific
treatment plan depending on the amount and severity of your cellulite
(it isn’t a one-and-done deal, unfortch) but most people see visible
results in 10-ish weeks.

The downtime is v minimal too—just expect
some bruising and redness in the treatment site post-application. And
as with any treatment, make sure you first book a consult with your
dermatologist to determine if you’re a good candidate, k?

3.Start dry brushing to minimize cellulite

know those wooden body brushes you’ve always considered buying? Yeah,
they’re kinda clutch if you’re trying to minimize the appearance of your
cellulite. “Daily body brushing and massaging can jumpstart lymphatic
drainage, which helps to eliminate toxins that can accumulate in the fat
layer, leading to inflammation and ultimately more pronounced
cellulite,” says Dr. Engelman.

Pro tip: Dry brushing requires dry skin,
so it’s best to try it before you jump in the shower—and don’t forget
to slather on a creamy moisturizer when you hop out.

4.Try a retinol body cream to minimize cellulite

addition to regular dry brushing, Dr. Gohara suggests incorporating
a retinol body cream into your cellulite-minimizing routine. The
collagen-building ingredient works to plump and smooth your skin every
time you use it, and this non-greasy, antioxidant-rich formula from
Paula’s Choice is a great formula to start with.

Psst: If you’re
applying this bb in the day, just make sure you’re layering it with a
healthy coat of SPF (which you already do everyday, right?), since
retinol makes your skin extra sensitive to sunburns.

5.Use a coffee scrub to minimize cellulite

massage nubs aren’t quite your thing, spring for a caffeine-filled body
scrub and pay special attention to your cellulite. When used topically,
a ground-coffee exfoliant can minimize the appearance of cellulite in
two ways: (1) Massaging the scrub along your skin can help stimulate
lymphatic drainage, and (2) Coffee contains caffeine, which temporarily
tightens and plumps your skin. “Caffeine can also dehydrate fat cells so
they deflate, which then makes your cellulite look a little less
obvious,” says Dr. Gohara.

6.Layer on a serum to minimize cellulite

PSA: Serums and topical creams can help reduce
the look of cellulite, but you definitely shouldn’t expect any
miracles. At best, they can help strengthen your skin, making your
cellulite a little less noticeable. Dr. Engelman recommends Biotherm
Celluli Eraser, which is formulated with caffeine and coralline extract,
a marine algae extract that helps minimize fat cells.


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