Diy Hair Growth Tonic {Aka Mermaid Hair}


I’ve always loved having healthy, thick, long hair. And that’s why this homemade hair growth tonic is such a favorite of mine.


A quick story: When I was in kindergarten, my mom took me for a haircut.
The hairdresser cut my long, curly hair into a short feathered bob (it
was the 1970’s after all).

Diy Hair Growth Tonic {Aka Mermaid Hair}


My mom loved it. I didn’t.

I wanted my long hair back. I liked wearing it in ponytails, pigtails,
and braids. I loved being able to change my hair into so many different
styles. So ever since I’ve been old enough to choose my own hair cut,
I’ve always had long hair. Sometimes it’s been past my shoulders,
sometimes it’s been halfway down my back, and sometimes it’s been just
off my shoulders, but I’ve always had a head full of curly thick, long

That is I used to. Once I reached my mid-forties a few years ago, my
hormones started to change. My hair started to dry out, my hair started
to break (especially around the temples), my hair stopped growing as
fast as it used to, and my hair started to fall out (there were some
days where an entire handful of hair would fall out during normal
shampooing in the shower). It was heartbreaking.

Even though I was getting “older” I still wanted thick, long hair. I
still wanted to change up my hair styles. I still wanted to wear my hair
up and let it down. It still wanted to feel the wind blow through my
hair. I wasn’t ready to give all that up. Menopause may be at my
doorstep, but I’m still young.

So I researched, tried several different hair growth treatments,
experimented, and finally created this homemade hair growth treatment. I
love how it’s worked for me! My hair is growing in thicker, faster, and
longer than it has in years. I have less breakage. My hair isn’t
falling out as quickly (now it’s just a few strands and not a handful of
hair every time I wash my hair). My hair is stronger and super soft.

What’s in DIY hair growth tonic {aka mermaid hair spray}?

lavender essential oil
Research has found that lavender essential oil can help hair grow faster
and longer, perhaps even helping thinning hair to regrow.

Additionally, lavender oil helps moisturize hair which can prevent damage and prevent further breakage.

rosemary essential oil
Rosemary oil increases blood circulation, stimulates hair follicles,
improves hair growth, and lessens hair loss, resulting in thicker,
fuller, longer hair.

cedarwood essential oil
Like rosemary essential oil, cedarwood oil also increases blood
circulation, stimulates scalp, and helps hair to grow faster and

peppermint essential oil
Peppermint oil strengthens hair roots and lessens hair loss.

It also increases blood flow, which rejuvenates hair follicles and promotes hair growth.

hemp seed oil
Hemp seed oil deeply moisturizes hair and scalp.

Not only does that make hair feel silky soft, it also helps strengthen
hair and prevent breakage. It contains omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids
that help hair grow thicker, faster and longer.

Plus hemp contain gamma-linoleic acid which nourishes hair and aids
keratin formation, which results in stronger, healthier hair.

The lipids in hemp seed oil also help increase hair’s elasticity,
volume, and shine. possible substitutes: carrot seed oil, argan oil, or

alcohol-free witch hazel
Like peppermint essential oil, witch hazel also increases blood flow and promote hair growth.

Additionally, witch hazel can reduce irritation to hair follicles that would otherwise inhibit hair growth.

It also helps tame frizzy hair and adds volume.

Does it make your hair feel oily?
Nope, it doesn’t make your hair feel oily. There’s actually not much oil
in it – only 1 teaspoon of oil in the entire batch. That’s just 1 part
oil to 23 parts of water and witch hazel.

Do give it a good shake though before you use it to make sure that the
oil gets pretty evenly distributed with the water/witch hazel. That way,
you’ll just get a little tiny bit of oil with the rest of the hair


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