12-minute workout to tone thighs and burn fat at home


The hardest area to target when
you’re a woman trying to lose weight and get in shape are the hips and
thighs. It seems like no matter what you do, those areas are the last to
budge. If you’re willing to incorporate small additions to your daily
exercise routine at home, you can push the process along just a bit

12-minute workout to tone thighs and burn fat at home

Try this  12-minute sequence for at-home results:

1 Pile Squats: go into a squat with your legs a bit wider than usual. Lift on your toes, moving your hips up and down.

2 Side Lunges: choose one leg at a time to put straight
out to the side while bending the other knee as if in a squat. Hold 30
seconds on each side.

3 Squat and Kick: do a wide leg squat and switching legs, kick your leg out to the side, reaching waist level. Hold each leg for 30 seconds.

4 Skater Hops: pretend you’re an ice skater and jump
from side to side putting the opposite foot behind your other leg as you
jump (jump right, put a left foot behind right leg).
5 Leg Circles: lie in a comfortable and supported
position on your side and slightly lift your leg making small circles in
the air. Complete circles for each leg in both directions.

6 Outer Leg Lifts: find side plank position, or lie on
your side if side plank is too difficult, and lift your upper leg high
keeping it as straight as possible. Switch sides and do another leg.

7 Fire Hydrants: start in crawling stance, keep one
knee on the ground while lifting your other knee, leg still bent, out to
the side repeatedly. Do not put the working leg down until finished
with repetitions. Switch legs and repeat.

8 Fire Hydrant Kicks: start in the same crawling position, but this time, extend your working leg out into a full kick.

Using this simple 12-minute workout sequence in combination with a
healthy diet, good hydration, and other physical activity will help you
reach your goals.


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