This Is How Much Walking, You Really Need To Lose Weight!!!


One of the easiest and most effective exercises that many people
enjoy is walking. Everything depends on your way of walking. The most
amazing fact is that you can lose even 20 pounds just by walking,
without undergoing diets or going to the gym!

This Is How Much Walking, You Really Need To Lose Weight!!!


Walking makes your health better and shapes your muscles at the same
time, but you are also losing weight!In this article, we’ve decided to
present you several useful exercises that will improve your walking, but
also help you lose more weight!


  •  Your weight and the place where you walk are the main things
    that can contribute towards the number of burned calories. If you are
    walking with average speed of 4 miles per hour you will burn around 400
    calories in only one hour.
  • This means that instead of walking
    only 4 miles a day, you can walk 3 more miles and thus burn 300 more
    calories that day. Choose to walk shorter distances, just as long as you
    adapt it with your schedule. You can also buy a pedometer! It will
    definitely help you burn more calories when walking and implementing
    your everyday plan.


  • Buy a pedometer or a wristband if you want to lower your weight
    with walking. It will help you monitor your daily exercises. Your
    chances in achieving your desired results will be increased instantly.
  • The
    pedometer should stand close to your hip area. It does not weight so
    much and it also has a lot of advantages. It actually tells you how much
    steps you take a day.
  • You will know how many more you need for
    burning extra calories if you know how many miles you are walking in one
    day. If you want to see progress in the number on the scale you will
    know if you need to cover the longer distance through the day.
  • The
    number of steps that you need to add to your daily routine is only a
    matter of mathematical problem if your daily routine consists of 8,000
    steps and you still have no change in body weight.


Most people who have decided to take up walking need to have 2000
steps in one mile so that they can burn calories and lose weight. In one
mile you can burn 100 calories. The pedometer will check your steps,
recording how many calories are burnt or how many miles have been walked
that day. You don’t need additional working out. You just need some
extra steps in your daily routine.

  1. 1 Mile = 2.000 steps and 100 calories burned
  2. Losing 1 Pound of weight weekly = 500 calories daily
  3. 1 Pound – 3.500 calories
  4. You need 10.000 steps on a daily basis so that you can lose 1 pound in a week
  5. You can, in fact, adapt to your walking when you have a busy day but only if 10.000 steps seem way too much.
  6. Start slowly and lose less weight. Then raise the number of steps to 10.000.

Here are some of them:

  • Avoid using the bus, you can walk to your home or work, or you just get off the bus on the halfway of your destination.
  • Don’t park your car in the same place where you usually park, move it somewhere far away and do more walking.
  • You can walk to the station and forget about taking a taxi or a bus
  • Do not use the elevator, take the stairs.
  • Walk your children to school.
  • In case you bought a modern pedometer, check the number of pounds you lost or how many calories you have burned.
  • That way you’ll have a clear picture of what you have accomplished with your walks.


  • If you are using the same track every day, it will become a very dull routine. Often change the track and your habits.
  • Walk
    in different places, parks, neighborhoods, or listen to the music you
    like; it will motivate you and give you more energy to finish what you
    already started.
  • The cold weather during the winter must not be
    an obstacle for you. If you can buy a treadmill you can watch your
    favorite TV show or movie while exercising.
  • Invite your friends
    to join you in your walks. They may walk with you once or twice a week,
    but they will still inspire new things in your daily walking routine.
  • Even if you have a will, the same walking routine could be very frustrating and you should avoid doing so.
  • Change your routines and make it as interesting as you can.


  • Many people have less desire for walking because of their habits or routines.
  • Try
    to focus your eyes 100 feet forward, hold your chin up, squeeze your
    glutes and tighten the abdomen in the same position with your spine if
    you want to walk for exercise.
  • That will certainly give you the most favorable results from walking.


  • Always consult your doctor first, no matter what you decide to
    start with. He/she should tell you if you are healthy enough to endure
    this activity.
  • First, start with walking three days a week for
    15-20 minutes. Then, raise the walking routine until you walk 30-60
    minutes each day of the week step by step.
  • You’ll find out that it will help you lose weight without any diet and you’ll be very relaxed at the same time!


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