Did you know that you can detox your body through your feet!?


If you have been wondering how to detox your body effectively, and you
want to do it yourself, wonder no more. A food detox is actually a great
way to do so. What you do here is flush toxins out of the body through
the feet. This is an ancient Asian healing method and it is based on the
theory of reflexology that foot meridians are connected to other parts
of the human body.

Did you know that you can detox your body through your feet!?

This is why you can get rid of all the toxins in your body, as well as detoxifying it just by taking some foot detox baths.

Therefore, we are here today to present you some of these baths.

How to Detox Your Entire Body

1. Foot Detox Pads
You can use these foot detox pads to detoxify your body. Just put these
pads on your feet before you go to bed. When you wake up the following
morning, you should remove them. If they are dark, it means that your
body has been detoxified. You can purchase these pads in every health

2. Ionic Food Bath
Apart from using pads, you can also take an ionic foot bath which will
successfully eliminate toxins from your body. What you should do is use
salt as an astringent that has anti-inflammatory properties and warm
water so that your pores will open.

If the water becomes dark, it means that the detox process has been successful.

Thus, we will present you several recipes for this foot detox bath, which you might like to try.

Clay Detox Bath
The Ingredients:

  • Half a cup of Epsom salt
  • Half a cup of bentonite clay
  • A couple of drops of your favorite essential oil

The Instructions:

Mix the Epsom salt and the essential oil in hot water. Allow them to
dissolve. Then, mix the bentonite clay with some water. Note that you
must not use metal while you do this step. Next, add the clay in the hot
tub and let it soak for twenty minutes. If you take this detox bath you
will detoxify your entire body and what is more, you will increase your
magnesium levels.

Salt Detox Bath
The Ingredients:

  • 2 cups of baking soda
  • 1 cup of Epsom salt
  • 1 cup of sea salt
  • Some apple cider vinegar
  • A couple of drops of your favorite essential oil

The Instructions:

Just put the baking soda in a tub with boiling water and just allow it
to dissolve. Next, add some apple cider vinegar. When you do, add the
essential oil and salt and then soak yourself in the bath for 30
minutes. There is a possibility that you will feel weak after the bath.
Do not worry, this means that the bath has been successful, and your
body detoxified. Apart from detoxifying your body, the bath will also
alleviate skin irritation, and increase magnesium levels.

Oxygen Detox Bath
The Ingredients:

  • 1 tablespoon of ginger powder (dried)
  • 2 cups of hydrogen peroxide

The Instructions:

Just put the hydrogen peroxide and the dried ginger powder in a tub with
hot water. Just soak them in the bath for about 30 minutes. This bath
will make your skin smooth and flawless and it will soothe irritation
and allergies, apart from detoxifying it of course.

There you have them, the best ways to detoxify your body, which you can
do yourself in the comfort of your own home. Now you know how to
effectively detoxify your body and get rid of all the toxins.


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