A Friend Gave Me This Recipe And My Nails Stopped Breaking And They Grow Healthy And Fast


All women would like to have big
and strong nails, because the big nails help to make it look great the
manicure that we constantly do when we want to impress others.

However not all of us have the big
nails that we want because the growth of the nails is slow and many
times we are broken in the way since many we have fragile nail.

A Friend Gave Me This Recipe And My Nails Stopped Breaking And They Grow Healthy And Fast


strong and long nails are the desire of all women who must be every
week touching up their acrylic in the aesthetic centers. However this is
not impossible.

Our nails contain a kind of protein called
keratin. And our toenails are the ones that usually grow faster compared
to our finger nail.

Many aspects can cause a slow growth of the
nails for example medicines, some hormonal modifications, nutritional
health problems.

Then in today’s article, we have decided to share
some remedies that will help you to accelerate the growth of nails. One
of the ingredients is garlic. This is considered one of the best
recognized home remedies with regard to accelerated nail growth. This
protects our own nails against any contamination as it is an antifungal
as well as antibacterial attributes.

The use of a strengthener is
essential to solve the problem of weak nails . Although there are
special products to harden them, we are going to propose a very simple
and economical remedy for you to create your own nail hardener.

the next treatment you will need vitamin E capsules sold in pharmacies
and ingredients as simple as lemon and garlic. The advantage of this
home hardener above commercial is that it contains a higher
concentration of vitamins and minerals rather than aggressive chemicals.

has sulphurous substances that penetrate easily, strengthening the
whole structure of the nail. In addition, vitamin E provides
moisturization, stimulates its growth and decreases the weakening. In
addition we add a little lemon to diminish the spots, the yellow color
and possible fungi.



  • A transparent nail polish
  • 3 cloves garlic, peeled
  • 20 drops of lemon juice.
  • 1 capsule of vitamin E


first step in the preparation of this hardener will be to soak the 3
cloves of garlic in hot water for about 15 minutes and crush them until
you get a paste.

Then pour the pasta along with the contents of
the vitamin E capsule in the enamel, add also about 20 drops of lemon
and stir well for a few seconds, until everything is well mixed

it macerate from day to day and ready. Apply a small amount of enamel
on weak nails and let it dry thoroughly. Repeat its use every day.

a thin layer is formed, remove it with a little remove enamel and
repeat its application with the fresh product. The treatment should last
at least a month to obtain favorable results.


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