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Natural colon cleansing was also employed by the Ancient Greeks as part
of their natural health regimen and their tradition. In the United
States, colon cleansing was not popular until in the 1920s using tea,
fruit, or colon irrigation.

Natural Colon Cleansing


The important topic for the idea of colon cleansing is its safety. Do we really need to cleanse our colon?

There are two major methods employed during a colon cleansing. One uses
colon cleansing products while the other involves a professional to
administer a colon irrigation. When using a colon cleansing product, you
are asked to take supplements. The normal process is to force your
colon to flush fecal matters. You can find these colon cleanse products
in local health stores and also online.

Such products include:

1. Laxatives
2. Oxygen powders
3. Capsules
4. Enemas
5. Herbal teas

Most colon cleanse products are composed of organic and natural products
such as licorice root, psyllium husk and flax seeds to cleanse,
rejuvenate and supplement the digestion. The mixture of natural and
organic products allows the stimulation of muscle activity and regular
bowel movements which is important in the digestion and absorption of
nutrients and also helps in the toning of the colon for smooth
elimination of fecal wastes.

High colonics is another method of colon cleansing. The first machine
invented for this kind of methods was introduced in 1900. Today, colon
therapists are licensed to administer colon irrigation. This method is
somewhat like an enema. However, this method involves more water and is
generally less painful than an enema. During the process, you will be
asked to lie on a table and a gravity-pump machine will flush up at
least 15 gallons of water to your anus.

When the water is safely administered in your colon, the colon
therapists will gently massage your abdomen to flush out the liquid with
the fecal waste. This therapy can be repeated and can last for at least
an hour.

Water is very essential so that the body can flush out the toxins and
fecal matters that are gathered in you colon. Without enough water, our
colon cannot get rid of unwanted materials from our bodies. The more you
drink water, the more fecal wastes and toxins your body can flush out
as part of the process of colon cleansing and the better the result of
the colon cleansing process.

A colon therapist usually uses various water pressures and temperatures
and can also use a mixture of fruit enzymes, coffee and other herbs.
Probiotics are also used as a supplement to replenish the good bacteria
that are also flushed out during the process.

One of the main ideas proving that colon cleansing is dated back in
ancient times is autointoxication. This is the theory that suggests that
undigested food inside our stomach can be accumulated in the colon.
This harmful fecal buildup can produce toxic matters that can flow into
the blood vessels thus poisoning the whole system.

This theory makes a real sense. Toxins when reabsorbed by the body are poisonous and even fatal.

There are numerous symptoms that can be distinguished to having a toxic
buildup such as constipation, acne, bad breath, headaches and loss of
energy. The buildup of these toxins and fecal matter is very harmful and
could lead to fatal diseases such as the colon cancer.


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