Different Face Shapes Need Different Kinds Of Makeup


Different girls have different face
shapes and sometimes what happens is that we try to copy makeup looks of
celebs and end up looking not just bad but odd too, mostly since you
may not have the same face shape as that of Kate Winslet or may not have
the same face shape as that of Reese Witherspoon.

Different Face Shapes Need Different Kinds Of Makeup

So while doing your face makeup, it’s important to cast a glance on to
the type of face shape that you have. For that purpose, read the article
– How To Know Your Face Shape?

Makeup For Different Face Shapes

Let’s have a deeper insight into the face shapes and correct makeup for face shapes which one needs to follow:

1. Makeup For Oval Shaped Faces

  • The most common face shape is that of the “Oval” shape. I, myself
    have that shape so am going to get to the topic right away! Well,
    Jessica Alba’s face is also sort of Oval Shaped as you can make out from
    the picture!
  • The first objective is to make the face look more elongated, so as
    to minimize the oval effect of the face. For this, we have to
    concentrate on our blunt features, if you do have any. Most people with
    an oval face but do not have a pointed and sharp nose. So after applying
    foundation, what you can do is take some bronzer and apply in between
    your thumb and first finger and then apply stretched on to nose from top
    to bottom ( the sides I mean). In this way, your nose will get the
    shadow effect on the sides, and the top will remain in foundation
    looking fairer and heightened. This is a makeup trick which every makeup
    artist applies for oval shaped faces.
  • Next comes Eyebrows, high arched brows can give a more oval shape.
    So follow the natural shape of brow bones and tweeze that way.
  • While doing makeup for eyes or lips, concentrate on any one feature, either eyes or lips keeping the other simple.
  • Use blush to make the face look elongated. Suck cheeks in and use
    blush on to contours, and not onto apples of your cheeks. It’s a damn
    good technique that makes your face look sleek and stylish! I can BANK
    on this one. And one more thing, you can use a little blush on to the
    sides on your chin also, not in the absolute front. This enhances this

2. Makeup For Oblong Shaped Faces

Who better than Milla Jovovich ( the Resident Evil Star) to refer when
talking about this face shape? Mainly since the new movie is all set to
hit the theaters soon.

Well, I don’t have this face shape, but my friend does, and I’ve seen
what she does, well she is also a Google person and learns tricks from
here and there.

Here is a tested version, I am sure you’ll love it.

If your face is oblong or rectangular, then your first and foremost motive will be to show the face as oval.

Make brows a little arched than the normal run of your brow bones. This will make your face look a little more oval and round.

  • Use Pinkish (light) shade on to the sucked cheeks ( this will give a plumped up look) and use a rosy darker shade onto apples.

Make your eyelashes look bigger and
more dramatic by using double curling (before and after use of mascara)
or you may even experiment with darker false lashes.

  • Try to keep lips minimum and rosy pink, they look the best and full, to make your face appear fuller.
  • Minimize sharp edges of the face (like sides of jaws and if your
    nose is real sharp, follow alternate technique refer to point 6 with a
    bronzer sweep.
  • Coming to the nose, like for oval face you follow a side shadowing,
    here you need to follow a top shadowing technique, Do not use shadowing
    on sides of nose, let it remain covered in foundation. Sweep the top of
    nose bone with a bronzer.

    3. Makeup For Heart Shaped Faces
    The best face to refer to when talking about heart-shaped faces is Reese Witherspoon’s.
    Here are a few makeup tips for this face shape. If you have a tapered
    jawline and a wide forehead, like most heart-shaped faces, the first
    focus is to move away the attention from the wideness of the forehead.
    You can highlight certain features and turn down others to perfectly
    balance this face shape.

    1. Use a bronzer or a foundation (darker to the skin tone) along the
    sides of the temples and the bottom of the chin. Use a highlighting
    powder and also on top of the nose. Side shadow the nose with a bronzer
    and add some color to the cheeks to accentuate the high cheek bones that
    are typical of this face shape.
    2. Plump up your lips rather than your eyes. Use a lip plumper or a
    high-shine gloss and a bold lip color so that focus remains on lips and
    not on to tapering jawline.
    3. Do not make the eyes too smokey, use lighter shades even if you go for a night out smokey effect.
    4. Contour your cheekbones with a bronzer by tracing the hollows of your cheeks.
    5. Use a subtle shade of blush to add color to the apples of your cheeks.

    4. Makeup For Diamond Shaped Faces
    The biggest concern with makeup for different face shapes is that they
    look very disproportionate, and this makes it very difficult to achieve a
    dazzling look! Use makeup to brighten the center of your face which
    brings attention to the center of your face. A lighter liquid foundation
    or highlighting powder will help you achieve this effect with ease.

    • Apply it to the forehead, bridge of the nose and center of the chin to draw attention to the center part of the face.
    • Using a bronzing powder or slightly darker foundation, contour the
      peak of the forehead, the tip of the chin and underside of the
      cheekbones for minimizing the width and giving the face a more
      proportionate look.

    5. Makeup For Round Shaped Faces
    Round face has equal length and width. So when it comes to makeup, you
    will have to create the illusion of length. Contouring is very important
    for this face shape.

    • A bronzer can work as a contour when applied to the temples and
      beneath the jaw line. Doing so will create the illusion of an oval face.
      Also, highlight the forehead, area under the eyes and the chin to draw
      attention to the center of your face.
    • A blush can be applied just beneath the cheekbones to give them
      definition, or apply it directly to the apples of the cheeks to
      accentuate their perfect shape. Do apply the blush in upward strokes to
      give a slimming effect.

    For more information, read the article – How To Apply Makeup For Round Face?

    A little care needs to be taken regarding the colors as bright colors only accentuate the roundness of the face.

    Enjoy and use these proven tricks on corrective makeup for different
    face shapes to have a great makeup on you and look your best! Hope these
    makeup tips for different face shapes will surely help you to put out
    your best!


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