14 Foods To Avpoid And Eat On An Empty Belly


most important meal of the day is surely breakfast. However, you should
know what kind of foods are good to be consumed in the morning so that
you can have energy and feel full, and which foods you should avoid.

14 Foods To Avpoid And Eat On An Empty Belly

You should avoid these foods:

Sugar juices – They
contain a lot of sugar and can spike up your blood sugar levels, which
will later make you hungrier and cause more cravings.

Carbonated drinks – Carbonated drinks can slower down the digestion by reducing the blood flow, and can also damage the mucous membranes.

Tomatoes – You
should stay away from tomatoes if you have any ulcers or acid refluxes,
since they contain tannic acid which raises the acidity in the body.

Citrus fruits – Citrus fruits can irritate the esophagus and the stomach.

Short crust pastry – Many
people love eating pastry for breakfast, but you should know that they
can upset the stomach and cause flatulence because they contain yeast.

On the other hand, these foods are the ideal option for breakfast:

Buckwheat – It
contains a lot of proteins, vitamins, and iron, which are all great for
a proper digestion. You can add buckwheat to smoothies, pancakes, bars,
and waffles.

Wheat germ – Just a few tablespoons
of wheat germ can give you the 10% of the daily dose of folic acid and
15% of the daily dose of vitamin E. It is also great for boosting the

Cornmeal porridge – This breakfast is
great because it will make you feel full for a longer time, it will
maintain a healthy balance of the micro flora in the intestines, and
will detoxify your body.

Whole grains (no yeast) – These grains are full with complex carbs, and you can use them to make waffles, pancakes, and toasts.

Papaya – It
contains a lot of fiber, vitamin C and E, all of which help digestion.
It also contains the enzyme papain, which supports digestion and lowers
the colon cancer risk.

Eggs – Eggs make you feel full and give you many health benefits because they contain protein and vitamins.

Nuts- They
contain a lot of healthy fats and proteins, which are great for
balancing the pH levels of the stomach, while treating ulcers, and
reducing the acids in the stomach.

Blueberries – They
contain many nutrients, but are low in calories. They can boost the
metabolism, improve your memory, and regulate the blood pressure. You
can add them to your waffles, pancakes, and smoothies.

Oatmeal – They
protect the coating in the stomach, thus preventing damage of
hydrochloric acid. Oatmeal contains a lot of nutrients, vitamins, and
fiber, which boost the metabolism and regulate the levels of


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