Sneaky Medical Trick To Remove A Stuck Ring


Want to know how to remove a
stuck ring off a swollen finger?  This sneaky medical trick could just
save your finger and your wedding ring. One of the most common
injuries in the world is a hand injury. In normal, day-to-day
situations, a broken finger, gash, cut, or sprain to your hand is
frustrating. (I know, I have a tendency to mangle my hands on a weekly
basis… and I have the scars to prove it!) But in a survival situation,
the condition of your hands and feet can be the deciding factor between
success and failure.

Sneaky Medical Trick To Remove A Stuck Ring

And if you wear a wedding ring,
things can go from bad to worse very quickly. As your finger swells, the
ring cuts off circulation, and if you don’t get the ring off fast, you
could lose a finger. My buddy Nick from sent me this video
that he ran across. It shows a very interesting and effective way how
to remove a ring off a swollen finger. This emergency ring removal will
surely surprise you.

Remove a Stuck Ring | Quick and Easy Procedure

Tools Needed:

  • Stretchable string from a surgical mask
  • forceps

The procedure is fairly simple which involves only a few easy steps. Here we go:

Step #1. Wrap the string around the ring finger.

the elastic string around the ring finger nice and tight until it’s
close enough to the ring. A stretchy material is good for pressing down
on the swollen tissues. Leave a bit of time for the compression to

Step #2. Allow the loose end of the string to go under the ring.

the string is close enough to the ring, use the forceps to poke it
through underneath. Make sure to do this nice and easy without injuring
the finger. Do this until the loose end is on the other side.

Step #3. Rotate the string backward until it’s off along with the ring.

the string in the opposite direction maneuvering to remove it. This
will spiral the string and the ring around the finger until it moves
across. It holds the soft tissue down and gradually gets the ring off
the swollen finger.

The ring is off. Ring and finger are both intact. Problem solved!

From Nick :

now and then a ring gets stuck on my finger and it’s pretty scary. I
live about 20 minutes from an ER but I also don’t want it cut off.

trick I’ve used for years is soap or another lubricant to slip the ring
off but it can still be very painful to remove the ring and can damage
the tissues of your finger. And if swelling is too bad it doesn’t work
at all!

I came across this video on Facebook and I wanted to share it with you now.”

was pretty cool! Just imagine how many people have gone through the
same problem with their rings. One look at this short video and your
eyes are wide open in amazement. So there’s no need to worry about how
to cut a ring, and you can forget about soap and water or other
ineffective hacks. All you need to do is find an elastic band and you’re
all set.


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