Don’t Use Or Ingest Ginger If You Have Any of These Four Conditions


Ginger is a highly nutritious plant. In fact, it’s widely used as a folk medicine for a number of conditions.

That’s because its active
components, including gingerol and shogaols, have a ton of health
benefits to offer. This amazing plant also has powerful antioxidants and
anti-inflammatory properties, making it a highly sought-after natural
remedy. That said, for medical reasons, not everyone should be using or
ingesting it. Here are four groups of people who should avoid ginger.

Don’t Use Or Ingest Ginger If You Have Any of These Four Conditions


1. People who have blood disorders.

boosts the circulation of blood, and while it’s helpful to people
suffering from obesity and peripheral artery disease, it can be harmful
to those with hemophilia or those whose blood isn’t able to clot
normally. Ginger can also interfere with medication used to treat these

2. People who take certain medications.

may interfere with the medical effects of insulin, anticoagulants, or
beta-blockers. According to MedlinePlus, a medical service of the
National Institutes of Health, ginger can also interact negatively with
other drugs such as antacids, heart medication, and antihistamines. Play
it safe and talk to your doctor first before trying ginger.

3. People who are underweight or battling anorexia.

it comes to weight loss, ginger is incredibly helpful. Not only is it
loaded with fiber, but it also boosts the secretion of digestive enzymes
and stomach pH levels as well as suppresses appetite. That said, for
those who are underweight, the use of ginger can lead to further weight
loss and poor muscle mass.

4. Pregnant women.

can stimulate premature contractions and even labor, as well as disrupt
the intake of dietary iron and fat-soluble vitamins. Consuming copious
amounts of ginger can even cause miscarriage or menstrual bleeding.


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