How To Clean Mattress Stains (Yes… We All Have Them!)


Our mattresses are so important
to the quality of our sleep (and therefore, the quality of our LIVES!),
but we really don’t give them as much care and attention as we should.

The average mattress lasts 8 years, but some types can last even longer. In those years your mattress will see a lot of use!

How To Clean Mattress Stains (Yes… We All Have Them!)


If you’re a lazy-bug like me, then you’re mattress probably gets above-average use!

But, of course, there will be accidents. Maybe you’ll spill your morning tea or coffee (guilty!) or maybe the baby will pee or puke on your bed (it happens!).
Whatever the cause, it’s important to clean your mattress the best you
possibly can. After all… do you really want to be sleeping on
regurgitated baby food?!

I’ve written a whole guide about how to
deep clean your mattress (easy step-by-step instructions to REALLY get
it clean!), but this post is going to be a bit more specific. We’re
going to talk about how to clean mattress STAINS!


Grab my Mattress Cleaning Cheatsheet for recipes and steps for how to get your mattresses really clean!


There are many different types of mattress stains, but we’re going to focus on the most common ones (and the grossest ones!).

The majority of mattress stains are “biological”… meaning your bodies cause them! Nice, right?!


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