This New Study Brings Good News For People Who Are Always Late


We are always encouraged to be
prompt and early. We are always taught to frown upon people who are
tardy and late because they are deemed as those who have no regard or
respect for the time of other people. A person’s tardiness can often
really affect the lives of other people especially when the stakes are
high. That’s why a lot of people who have a reputation for being late or
tardy are often placed in a bad light as compared to those who always
show up on time.

This New Study Brings Good News For People Who Are Always Late

However, recent findings have
shown that there is actually some good to come out of being late all of
the time. You already know that people hate it whenever you show up late
for meetings, dates, gatherings, or parties. You know that it hassles a
lot of people whenever they have to adjust their lives because of your
late arrival. But did you know that science says that showing up late
consistently shows a direct correlation with success and life

Recent studies have suggested that certain shared
personality traits between people who are always late are more likely to
have longer and more successful lives.

As the studies have
suggested, having a very loose and liberal sense of time can be linked
to overall positivity, optimism, and happiness. This is indicative in a
type B personality, and a likelihood to engage in multitasking so as to
make sure that more things get done within a finite amount of time.
That’s why a lot of these people who constantly late tend to be the ones
who live happier and find more success in their lives as well.

person with a type A personality, someone who is generally organized and
on time a lot, is more likely to perceive time as something that is
fleeting and passing them by ever so quickly. On the contrary, a person
with a type B personality is someone to be more creative and perceives
time to move slower. In the end, the person who is less concerned with
getting to a particular place at a particular time is happier and more
at peace.

According to a team of experts from Harvard Medical
School, people who generally have an optimistic and more cheerful
disposition are more likely to live longer – which is a trait that is
associated with being late and tardy all of the time. These are people
who tend to be more optimistic about time management as a whole.


The study indicated:

impressive is the impact of a positive outlook on overall health and
longevity. Research tells us that an optimistic outlook early in life
can predict better health and a lower rate of death during follow-up
periods of 15 to 40 years.”

Yes, of course, to a lot of people,
being late is still something that is going to do a lot more harm than
good. Even though the findings of this study say that there are a lot of
benefits to be had from not caring too much about time, you must always
still make it a point to stay mindful of the people around you.

you might have better life expectancy if you don’t let time stress you
out a lot, but being late at your job could cost you that promotion or
raise that you have been waiting for the longest time now. There is
always a trade-off. Not to mention the damage to your reputation and
overall public image.


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