How to Choose Dresses that Hide your Belly Fat


When it comes to getting dressed
the fashion industry offers many alternatives so we can hide those bits
of our body we do not like and enhance what we consider most sensual and
attractive, so it is important wear clothing that is right for us. If
you have some extra kilos accumulated in the abdomen but you’re a fan of
dresses, or have a special event that requires dressing more elegant,
surely you wonder how to choose dresses that hide your belly fat. On
This blog we give you all the keys you need on this subject.

Steps to follow:

1.The first step to choose dresses that hide your belly fat, help disguise the tummy and highlight your strengths, is knowing how to choose the type of fabric.
Avoid lycra, polyester and all fabrics that fit cling to the body,
because they only make that area more prominent, proving more difficult
to hide. Aim for cotton, satin fabrics, etc.

2.If you do not want your belly to stand out then don’t choose a look that makes you look right at it, so it is important not to wear belts in this area,
that will only focus attention there. Aim for dresses with details at
the neckline or waist but away from the belly, and that highlight your
smallest features. Use attractive and stylish accessories to your
advantage to create a balance and make the eyes to focus on your face
and your upper torso.

3.It is also very important to choose the right color.
Bright colors like fuchsia, yellow, orange etc, tend to expand the
figure a bit, so should preferably be avoided. Go for darker shades such
as black, brown and navy blue. Similarly if you love prints choose
smaller and more discrete designs and forget those that are very flashy
or make you look bigger than you actually are, including your belly.

4.Clothes without volume in the belly,
ruffles, sequins, etc. are a wise decision. You do not want to add more
to this area nor want to be the first thing people see, so avoid Peplum
designs like the one on this image.

5.Always go for well designed heavier clothing with lines for you figure that create
a balance. Drop dresses with a tailored skirt are an excellent choice
to balance your body. Straight cuts are also a good alternative.

6.The princess cut is
ideal for you as it makes the attention be focused on the area below
the neck and disguises the belly and is ideal if you’re looking for
a prom dress. It is also advisable that you avoid wearing dresses with
elastic in the belly area because this usually makes the area look
tighter and therefore highlighted.


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