Top 5 behaviours that can make you more attractive!


“When you have confidence, that’s
what becomes attractive to other people and makes them want to work with
you and spend time with you.” – Emmanuelle Chriqui

attractive is more than just about looks – after all, those are
subjective, and subject to change at the whim of the latest trends of
society. Attraction also greatly depends on how you act, and the types
of behaviors you exhibit day to day when interacting with people.
Someone can just as easily fall madly in love with your personality as
they do the way you look.


Top 5 behaviours that can make you more attractive!

After all, you are a whole person, made
up of traits and flaws that round you out to be a human being. There are
a number of behaviors that are attractive in a person, whether you are a
man or a woman. Learning how to harness these types of behaviors can
make you both more attractive, as well as an all-around more positive
and happier person.




love to feel heard and understood. Being a good listener is one of the
most attractive qualities a person can have, because it ensures you will
be able to make connections with people. When you can listen to what
other people are saying and not just wait for your turn in the
conversation, you will be able to create meaningful moments between you
and another person.

Being a good and active listener means that
you are taking in what the other person is saying, making them feel
heard and understood. It’s an attractive quality, and it forms strong
bonds and connections.



seems like a no-brainer, but being kind is another highly attractive
quality that a person can have. When you exhibit kindness, people will
feel drawn towards you, because you will radiate the kind of positivity
that makes people feel loved and appreciated.

People are more
attracted to those who engage in behaviors that are selfless, thoughtful
and kind, rather than those who are mean-spirited and cruel. You will
be surprised to find that when you engage in more behaviors that are
altruistic, you will feel more positive, which will make people
gravitate into your orbit.



one is easy, and it’s proven to make you feel better even when you are
having a rough day! Smiling is one of the most basic and easiest things
that a person can do to make themselves more attractive to people around

Smiling releases endorphins, which will heighten your mood,
which will make you more positive, which will cause you to smile more –
it’s an endless cycle! When people see you smile, they will also feel a
sense of positivity, and they will associate you with those happy



Hand-in-hand with
smiling, laughter will also help draw people in and make you more
attractive to them. Laughter is another act that releases endorphins
just by doing it, and it’s also healthy for both your emotional and
physical health!

It will lower your stress levels, and with low
stress levels you will have better moods. And, people are drawn to those
who laugh, and who make them laugh in turn! It feels good to laugh,
which means people will automatically find themselves drawn to those who
make them feel good.



As they
say, confidence is key! Being confident will make you both attractive
to others, while also making you feel better about yourself. Being
confident in yourself, your looks, your abilities and your work will
draw people in. If you project an air of self-shame or self-loathing,
you are likely to put people off of interacting with you.

On the
other hand, when you own yourself, you will be more likely to make
others feel good and confident about themselves as well. People who
exhibit and radiant confidence are much more alluring to the people
around them.



a good listener is important – but what about the things that people
aren’t saying? Being able to read someone’s body language will help you
be a better listener, as well as show that you are capable of
understanding how they are feeling even without them having to tell you.

is an attractive quality, and empathy is all about nonverbal cues. When
you are able to read someone’s nonverbal cues, you can give them what
they need without them having to ask, which will bring about
interactions that are healthy, positive and long-lasting.

As you
can see, beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but behavior can be
universally attractive. Taking the time to study your own habits and
choices, and change them to more attractive behaviors, can do wonders
for all of the social interactions you have in your life. You will not
only attract people to you in a romantic sense, but also platonic,
life-long friendships as well. You will also find that your attitude
towards life can change to a much more upbeat and positive one once you
start engaging in behaviors that are designed to make you a more


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