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This capitals society will
definitely have us believing that to look or feel beautiful is an
expensive deal. The beauty industry of the world is worth billions of
dollars. And everybody around us wants to look picture perfect.
Everybody wants to look like they’re Instagrammable and god forbid, if
they find themselves not insta-worthy, they can go to any lengths to
achieve it. While you cringe over that thought, here’s another fact for
you— According to a UK based survey, an average woman spends about 3
hours and 19 minutes every week in front of the mirror, applying
makeup. Ouch, right? And the beauty industry continues to convince
everybody that one needs to spend a lot of time and money in order to
look beautiful. What we fail to realize is that we are exposing our skin
and bodies to toxic chemicals and products that might cause more harm
than healing to it. We urge you to not believe it!

starters, we need to get back to the real idea or meaning behind the
word ‘beauty.’ Isn’t beauty all about nurturing the real person within
you? It’s certainly not about hiding your flaws. If at all you think
there’s a need to define your features, we suggest you go au naturel.
You know peeps, there are a lot of ways, natural ways out there which
will help you thank your beauty. It will make you look your best,
beautiful self, and you don’t really have to spend your hard-earned
money for it. Here’s a list of few of those natural skincare tricks that
will help you feel and look beautiful. Read on.


1. Say Goodbye To Puffy Eyes With Tea Bags

can choose your favorite tea bag for this. Just make sure you don’t opt
for the ones with spices in them. You don’t want to burn your eyes, do
you? Our picks would be black, chamomile, or green tea bags. Soak them
into a cup of hot water for a minute. Take them out and let them chill
in a freezer. Once they’ve been chilled, remove the tea bags and place
them over your eyelids. Leave this on for 15-20 minutes and then remove
and relax. The tea bags will reduce the puffiness and tighten the skin
around the eyes.

2. Get Natural Face Lifts With Yoga

know that facelifts are in the vogue now. And there aren’t many who
would shy away from undergoing cosmetic procedures for the same. But did
you know that you can get a facelift naturally too? Before you start
wondering how, the answer lies in yoga. Surprised, right? So were we!
Doing inverted postures improves blood circulation throughout your body
and helps to give your face that vitality and the much needed, extra
lift. The “downward dog” pose where you get down on your hands and knees
on the floor, and slowly straighten your legs is supposed to be the
best for facelifts. Another yoga pose would be to simply bend and touch
your toes. Hold the position 1-3 minutes and relax.

3. Eat Wild Salmon To Keep Sun Damage Away

is an antioxidant present in our body called astaxanthin which protects
our skin from the harmful damage caused by UV rays of the sun. This
antioxidant acts as a legit internal sunblock in humans. And guess what,
it is found in abundance in seafood like krill, shrimp, salmon,
lobster, crayfish, and crabs. Astaxanthin is also available in the form
of supplemeWe recommend wild salmon as the best way to keep your
internal sunblock game strong.

4. Use Shea Butter To Nourish And Hydrate Lips

are so used to picking up chapsticks that contain ingredients like
petroleum jelly, mineral oil, and oxybenzone( which is
hormone-disrupting in nature). Replace these with the much natural shea
butter (cocoa butter) and coconut oil. All you have to do is mix both in
equal parts and use it. You can always store this mixture in airtight
containers. There’s nothing like natural nourishment to your lips.

5. Make Use Of Micronutrients For Natural Glowing Skin

does skin repair itself? It requires certain micronutrients that
constitute of vitamins and minerals. Among them, zinc, vitamin C and
vitamin A are some of the important nutrients that we need to consume in
the form of food or supplements. Doing so will ensure that our skin
is supplied with the necessary nutrients to keep it healthy.
Additionally, skin diseases like eczema, acne, and premature aging is
kept at bay when the skin is supplemented with the essential nutrients.

6. Use Almond Oil To Cleanse Your Skin

agree that foamy cleansers feel good on our skin. But they aren’t doing
any good to your skin, in fact, they’re ripping away your skin’s
natural texture. It’s always a good idea to ditch the soap bars and
switch to liquid soap instead. If you are wondering which natural
cleanser to choose? Almond oil is the answer. This natural oil soothes
your skin while doing the work of a cleanser. The vitamins present in
almond oils cleans our skin cells, smoothens our skin, and protects it
from UV damage. No wonder, almond oil is considered as a popular beauty

Natural skincare is the best way to go when caring for
your skin. So, ditch those expensive skincare treatments and try these
natural skincare tricks. All you have to do is find the problem and pick
a suitable natural solution for it. Which is your favorite natural
skincare trick? Let us know in the comments below.


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