Simple Tricks to Get Rid of Wrinkles


You can get rid of small wrinkles
using natural methods. These methods are used by women worldwide, and
experts recommend them especially when we transit from one season to
another, when the skin recovers harder and fights to adapt to weather

Olive oil

terrifying? Maybe, but the method is very effective. Put 10ml of olive
oil in your hands and massage your face and neck for 30 seconds, until
it penetrates the skin. The oil helps preserve natural hydration of the
skin. After applying this anti-wrinkle treatment, don’t use face cream
and we guarantee that you will not end up with troublesome acne or
irritation. Over time, wrinkles will disappear.

    Fruit Mask

a week do yourself a moisturizing mask with fruits. It is very easy to
prepare it at home and refrigerate it, but our advice is to prepare just
enough to use once! Here’s what you can do:

  •   Mix a whole
    egg with a teaspoon of honey and a pinch of sugar and you get a perfect
    scrub that will remove dead cells without dehydrating the skin;
  •     Mash some strawberries and apply them on the face. Let them act 10 minutes then rinse with warm water;
  •     Finally, rinse your face with cucumber juice (use the blender to make it) because it is the best natural tonic.

    Anti-wrinkle massage

only the body feels great after massage, but also your face. Experts
say that a daily massage improves circulation easily and reduces

  •     Use your forefinger and middle finger to execute 20 rotations between the eyebrows;
  •     Apply a little pressure between temples and eyes, with slight movements;
  •     Massage your face with simple movements, upward, without pressing too hard;
  •     For a better hydration, use a cream or natural gel, without alcohol.

    Diet is the key

famous nutritionist said that our skin is a mix of proteins, water and
fat, that needs unprocessed food to renew and avoid wrinkles. What to

  •     Almonds that contain fats and vitamin E;
  •     Chocolate with at least 72% cocoa, rich in antioxidants;
  •     Berries and strawberries, which contain vitamin C (“guilty” of protecting collagen).

    Natural cleanser

If you adopted a healthy diet, why not submit your complexion to the same regime?!

the blender, prepare a mixture of spinach, celery, parsley, lemon, pear
and cucumber. This is your new cleanser! After 7 days, your skin will
be firmer and brighter.


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