Which Types of Bra You Should Never Wear?


it wasn’t har enough to buy the perfect bra, the modern fashion
industry is completely ignoring the comfortable and hygiene part of the
bra, replacing it with absolute trends and unbreathable materials.

the right bra is absolutely necessary for your overall health and
hygiene. Though most of them are safe to wear, here are few you should
definitely avoid!

Which Types of Bra You Should Never Wear?


The “sticky” bra – if you have never came across
a bra like this, it’s a rubber sticky bra, silicone gel made. It is
used for backless and night dresses.

Basically, you can wear them
with anything, since they’re backless and strapless. But also, women
with smaller breasts wear them simply because you can literally “stick
your breasts together” and make your cleavage look WOW.

So, why
should you avoid this bra? The rubber doesn’t let your skin to breathe!
Your nipples would become “boiled”, you would scratch and by regularly
wearing a bra like this, you could make serious harm to the milk glands
in your nipples!

Here are some alternatives for this bra:

  •     the push-up bra (for those who use the sticky bra for a richer cleavage),
  •     a strapless bra,
  •     a convertible bra.

Plastic bras – when
you simply read the material these bras are made from, discomforting is
the first thing on your mind. Though, they’re very trendy nowadays.

in a bra like this is a NO NO, simply because you would feel scratchy
and sweaty all the time. Your skin could get allergies from all that
sweat that doesn’t have where to leave.

On top of that, plastic
bras are noisy! Every move is marked by a squeak, which makes you even
more uncomfortable in silent places like libraries or at the office,
while at a meeting!

Here are some alternatives that do the same function as the plastic bra, but are far more comfortable:

  •     A strapless bra
  •     A bullet bra
  •     A lacey see-through bra

Bustiers and other no-support bras

and other types of non-padded bras are also very fashionable and
popular nowadays, because they’re easy to put on, pretty, and also,
super comfortable.

So, what could be the problem that you have to
avoid this kind of bra? If you have a small chest, you can wear them
with no worries.

But, if you don’t, than wearing bustiers could
lead to back and neck pain. You will lack the needed support to keep
your bust’s weight and hold it properly.

For a better posture, you could try wearing these alternative bras:

  •     A sports bra
  •     A convertible bra
  •     A front closure bra

bras – if a bra is made out of synthetic and no other material, you
should never buy it. When these kind of bras are manufactured, a lot of
chemicals that are toxins are used in the process. A lot of the toxins
still stick on the bra when you’re buying it. That explains the weird
smell. Otherwise, if the synthetic is mixed with some other materials,
like cotton, spandex etc. are a great option!

Bras that fit badly –
you like the bra so much, that you buy it and then you come to the
conclusion – it simply doesn’t fit your body! It’s too tight,
uncomfortable, its cups are too wide open etc. “ill-fitting” bras could
lead to allergic reactions, strain neck, headaches and migraines, poor
circulation or even breast cancer. If until now you wore tighter bras
for some reason, just go to the store tomorrow and buy a new one.

Here are some alternatives:

  •     A sports bra
  •     The minimizer bra
  •     A full support bra

could probably never buy the ultimately perfect bra for every occasion.
Sometimes you will go bra shopping with a t-shirt, sometimes with a
v-neck….however, you will always find the bra you bought unfit in some
of your clothing. But, always make sure the bra you’re looking for is
comfortable, has cotton among the materials it’s made from and apply
some of the advices you’ve read here.


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