Press These Pressure Points On Your Wrist To Fall Asleep Faster And Make Anxiety Go Away


separate study found that acupuncture promotes better sleep in patients
with HIV, among whom sleep problems are extremely common.  It was found
that “Sleep activity and sleep quality significantly improved following
5 weeks of individualized acupuncture…”

Earlier studies have
shown that this technique works for people who are completely healthy,
too. A study discovered that acupuncture helped normal people with
insomnia to get a better sleep.

With this being said, it becomes
evident that acupuncture works as great way to treat insomnia
naturally.  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, each person has
their own pattern that describes how the body is out of balance.  This
is how using needles at certain points along the different meridians
running through the body helps treat that imbalance.

Heart 7 and
Pericardium 6 are the most effective points used to treat insomnia. 
There is a strong relationship between the two, from the anatomical
location to the close link between the “Shen” aka spirit and the calming
effect.  The Traditional Chinese Medicine name for Heart 7 is Shenmen,
meaning Spirit Gate while the name for Pericardium is Neiguan, meaning
Inner Gate.  In some instances, both of them need to be open in order to
release bad influences from the inside out and receive positive from
the outside in.

Heart 7 is found on the anterior side of the
transverse crease of the wrist. There is a tiny depression on the radial
side of the ulnar tendon where the point can be located. Sometimes,
it`s better to needle this point from the ulnar side under the ulnar
tendon as it`s more comfortable.

Pericardium 6 is located on the
anterior side of the wrist, about two finger widths from the transverse
crease of the wrist.  It can be also found between the two tendons
running up the arm.  Just like Heart 7, this point can also offer
radiation sensation when activated.

Although there are many other
acupuncture points used during a treatment, these two are a good place
to start. Any healing process requires a full mind-body approach, but
stimulating these points can be extremely helpful for those struggling
with sleep.


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