This Woman Eyes Have Changed Their Color Since She Started Eating This Food


After six years of raw vegan diet, Carly Fraser from Canada noted
that her eyes have changed color. Friends and acquaintances of people
were asking how did she do that so she decided to share her experience
with everyone. 

This is her story:

Six years ago she turned her diet on a raw vegan food, her eyes were
dark green with brown spots. Now they are very bright, gray-blue with a
little green and brown trim around the pupil. How did it happen? She got
interested and decided to find out, so she began to dig deeper …

All this will probably sound strange to people who read this article.

Eyes are not the only the window to our soul but are also the window
on what is happening inside our body. Color, purity and clarity of our
eyes are a direct reflection of how much our body is clean from the

Dr. Robert Morse, a specialist in detoxification, the great healer
(has an 85 percent success in treating more than 250,000 patients) and
Iridologist, makes a series of videos on how a raw diet can actually
change the color of the eyes. Namely, iridology method of determining
human health condition based on the color, line and spots in the iris of
the eye.

The iris is like a map with markers by which it is possible to detect the condition of different organs in the body.

Yellowish color around the pupil is the main indicator of how toxic
is your body – less yellowish means and less toxicity – and vice versa.
If you are thinking about toxins and the things that you consume on a
daily basis, it can actually be seen into your body through your eyes.

During her teenage days’, her daily meals contained a lot of chips,
candy, pizza and other fast foods. Her mother always cooked, but the
food was very greasy and did not contain the healthy ingredients her my
body needed. She had big problems with digestion and she suffered from
overweight when she was at the age of 8-15 years.

She switched to the raw, plant-based diet and digestion have
immediately improved, and symptoms of irritable bowel are completely
gone. Adding more fiber purified her body of toxins. She learned how to
combine food and her digestion was much better.

In addition, the complete expulsion of products of animal origin, it
was the best decision of her life. She has never had so much energy and
never slept so well …

When she healed her body with raw food, her dark green eyes have
become much brighter which is actually an indication of her health. But
not only their color changes, dark spots on the iris disappeared.

What she wanted to tell with her story is that our eyes are a direct
reflection of our health. She never thought it was possible for the eyes
to change their color but that’s what it happened. And not only that
her eyes look happier, but she feels happier and much better than


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