16 Cancer Symptoms Which Women Often Tend To Ignore


1 Fever

fever which cannot be explained by medical science and keeps on coming
back might hint at leukaemia or similar forms of blood cancer. In such a
scenario, your doctor will gather all the details of your prior medical
history and order a thorough physical check-up.

2 Alterations In Lymph Nodes

nodes refer to the bean-shaped glands located around our body. Common
infections might lead to changes in the same. However, certain forms of
cancer such as lymphoma and leukaemia can also lead to tenderness and
swelling in the lymph nodes.

It is advisable to seek out the
advice of a medical expert if you see swelling or lump anywhere in your
body lasting for over a month.

3 Fatigue

The hectic
lifestyles of modern day ladies make them easily fall prey to tiredness.
Taking adequate rest is enough to combat all such forms of tiredness.
But if your tiredness does not go away in spite of resting, then the
cause might be something else.

In such a case, you can visit your
doctor and discuss your symptoms with him. He might order blood tests
and ask for your medical history for gaining clear knowledge about your

4 Bloating

Women have a natural tendency of
getting bloated with age. However, if bloating accompanies bleeding or
weight loss, then you need to schedule a doctor’s appointment
immediately. Constant bloating can stand out as a potent sign of
ovarian, colon, pancreatic, gastrointestinal, uterine and breast cancer.

doctor might ask you to undergo special tests in the form of mammogram,
CT scan, colonoscopy, blood tests, pelvic exam and ultrasound for
finding the core cause of the problem.

5 Cough

usually subside within 3 to 4 weeks. But if it lasts longer than that
or if you suffer from breathlessness during the same, then you need to
take special care of such medical concerns.

Cough is one of the
most common signals of lung cancer. Coughing up blood can also be
equally bad making it necessary to book an immediate doctor’s

6 Blood In Stool Or Urine

If blood is
coming out of body parts which normally do not bleed, then you need to
talk to your doctor. This becomes all the more necessary in case the
bleeding lasts for more than two days.

Hemorrhoids or bloody stool is a potent symptom of colon cancer while bloody urine hints at kidney or bladder cancer.

7 Pain

pain is not a common symptom of cancer as it can be induced by a
plethora of reasons, ongoing pain can hint at brain and bone cancer.
Such forms of cancer tend to spread out pretty fast.

Thus, you need to discuss your symptoms with your doctor especially if you have been suffering from pain for over one month.

8 Trouble In Swallowing

you face trouble while swelling very often coupled with weight loss and
vomiting, then your doctor might diagnose chances of stomach or throat
cancer. He will order an endoscopy in such a case for examining and
analysing your symptoms in details.

A barium X-ray or a CT scan of
your chest, neck and abdomen can also be advocated by the medical
experts. While conducting a barium test, you will be asked to consume a
special liquid which makes your stomach and throat stand out in the

9 Depression & Belly Pain

Depression and
belly pain occurring together might stand out as a sign of pancreatic
cancer. However, chances of falling prey to such a form of cancer is
negligibly low unless you have a family history of the same.

10 Changes In Breast

all forms of breast lumps cannot be treated as cancer, you should
always consult your doctor regarding the same. You can also inform them
about nipples which have turned inwards, redness or scaling in your
breast skin, nipple discharge and skin dimpling or puckering.

Your doctor might conduct tests such as mammogram or biopsy and even ask you questions regarding your medical history.

11 Unwanted Weight Loss

we all wish for our extra calories to melt away magically. But in
reality, losing more than 10 pounds without undertaking exercise or
changing your diet can hint at a bigger problem. Although in most cases
weight loss is triggered by thyroid or stress, it can also stand out as a
symptom of pancreatic cancer.

Your doctor might recommend tests
like PET, CT scan and imaging tests for diagnosing chances of stomach,
colon and even lung cancer.

12 Postmenopausal bleeding

undergo slight spotting even after menopause. But if you experience
consistent period-like bleeding once again, then it can serve as an
early signal of uterine cancer.

13 Excessive bruising

you notice bruises all the time at strange places like your fingers or
hands, then it can hint at leukaemia cells multiplying inside your body.
Leukaemia can impair the natural ability of our blood to carry oxygen.

14 Heartburn

consumption of food, alcohol and even stress can lead to serious
heartburn. Your symptoms are bound to get better on changing your diet
for a week or two. However, if the symptoms refuse to fade out and keeps
on getting worse, then it can hint at cancer in your throat, stomach or

Continuous heartburn can also damage the oesophagus
lining and cause Barrett’s oesophagus which further raises the chances
of developing throat cancer.

15 Skin Changes

alteration in the color or shape of a mole as well as development of new
ones can hint at chances of skin cancer. In such a case, you need to
consult the doctor readily and undergo a thorough exam as suggested by

16 Mouth Changes

Smokers tend to develop grey,
yellow, bright-red or white patches inside their mouth and even on their
lips. They might even develop a canker sore looking similar to an
ulcer. These might hint at oral cancer thus making it imperative to book
an appointment with your dentist for further examination.


becomes imperative to pay minute attention to such changes as new
symptoms hint at a brand-new development in your body. You need to thus
possess adequate information about its implication on your body.


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