How To Remove Fibroma And Other Skin Warts All By Yourself?


Fibromes are growths on the skin,
which are actually benign tumors of the connective tissue. They look
like small nodes and can vary in size from 1 millimeter to 1 centimeter.
They usually have the same color as the skin, but they can also be
lighter in color.

not dangerous, but they’re increasing in number and can become an
aesthetic problem. They usually appear under the neck, under the
armpits, under the armpit, breasts, stomach and eyelids.

they may appear in other parts of the skin. In fact, almost every man
has at least one fibroma, so fibroma are not uncommon.

may also be inflamed, start bleeding, or be larger. The number and size
increase gradually over the years. The reasons for the appearance of
fibroma are unknown, but they contribute to their appearance.

number of fibromes may vary from several to several hundred. A doctor
can diagnose a fibroma and a dermatologist may prescribe further

Fibromes are usually removed during the winter months when the weather is colder, there is less sun, and sweating is rare.

dermatologist usually removes fibrous by electrocoagulation,
radiosurgery or laser surgery. If there is no more fibroma, only one
treatment is needed. The treatment should then be repeated.

removal, the wound is treated with an antibiotic, usually hygiene and
shower for 5 days. For several days after the operation, sweating and
hard physical exercises should be avoided to ensure that the healing is
successful and uncomplicated.


How to use apple cider vinegar to remove FIBROMAS?

  • Apple cider vinegar is considered to be one of the best and most effective homemade medicines.
  • Due to its acidity it can be used in the treatment of different health problems including fibromas.
  • Do not use cider vinegar next to your eyes because you can irritate them.


Removing FIBROMAS with Apple Cider Vinegar!

Carefully wash the area around the fibroma with water and soap.

soak the fibroma in water using a cotton ball. Then, soak a cotton ball
in apple cider vinegar. Then, secure the cotton ball with a bandage on
the fibroma. First, the fibroma will be dark, then it will dry out and
eventually fall out.

Due to the size of the fibroma, there may be a
scar to be treated with aloe vera gel or English marigold cream. If the
fibroma is not deep within the skin, the scar is completely destroyed.



1. Vinegar should not spread on the skin close to the fibroma as it may cause irritation.
2. Do not use apple cider vinegar when the fibroma has dried.
3. Do not remove the fibroma. Let him fall to himself.


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